Create great game graphics without opening Photoshop

With our graphics engine we make it easy to create fantastic ready to use match graphics, backed up with our social media integration so you can reach your audience easily with a few clicks.

"Game Reporter is a user-friendly, essential tool for anyone looking to create professional grade graphics for eSports matches. Game Reporter eliminates the need for a 24/7 graphic designer on hand"

Sjambok - Immunity


Image Generator has the ability to generate scorecards for your team’s games. Instead of having to open Photoshop, source logos, play with layers, export and upload images, we do the hard work for you by providing a online application that creates images for you.

Social Dashboard connects directly with your teams social media accounts and can post scorecards live or on a schedule, along with displaying feeds of your teams mentions and timeline, allowing you to interact directly with your fan base.

Logo Database powers the Image Generator Forms, allowing you to create great looking graphics easily. Ever growing in size we aim to make our repository the largest of its kind to enable our customers to focus on the more important aspects of team management.

Social Teams allows you to share access to your Image Generator Forms and Social Dashboard without handing over the keys to the kingdom. Each member signs in with their own account and can be easily removed from having access.

Billing We integrate our platform with PayPal via their service called Braintree, This leaves the money handling to the experts and keeps your details safe.

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